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Welcome to Keble Homes

Based in Oxford, Keble Homes has been creating new homes for discerning buyers for over 10 years. As a company, we pride ourselves on the quality of design and level of thought put into every home we build.

Each one of our developments is the end result of a long process of acquisition, planning, carefully considered design, and experienced construction, to bring to life homes that suit the way real people live. Keble Homes manages every step of that process, because our company’s philosophy is to offer buyers complete peace of mind when they choose to purchase from Keble Homes.

Most Keble Homes developments are in the vibrant city of Oxford and surrounding county. As specialists in the development of quality apartments; constructing to last, with the aim of striking a balance between the wider setting of the building, communal areas, personal privacy and contemporary tastes in finishes, is the objective of every project.